Monday, February 20, 2012

Jason Wu for Target that is! Happy Presidents day everyone! Unfortunately I am at work, but that won't stop me from posting about some great finds!

So Jason Wu did a highly coveted line for target recently! Everything in stores sold out within the hour. It was MAYHEM to get anything in the stores, but I luckily scored two great finds ONLINE! Then just this weekend I was at a local Target (that never carried the line because it was a smaller store) and found they had a rack of returns from online orders that NO ONE KNEW ABOUT! SCORE #3! Honestly when I first heard about Jason Wu's collaboration with Target I was really excited. I really like him as a designer. His looks were youthful, chic and at Target prices!

There were a lot of issues though with how Target handled this line. There were a lot of people who lined up early and bought almost EVERYTHING in the line to resell on ebay. Shoppers were really upset that Target didnt put a limit on how much customers can buy from the collection, unlike H&M who put a limit of (I believe) 5 items per customer. I really hope Target takes this into their consideration for the next collaboration they have.

Got this cute collared cap sleeve pleated bouse in mustard. Its a bit big for me, so I will probably have to do alterations to it. The detailing is really beautiful and the fabric is really nice.

I scored this little number at a small local Target in the returns rack. I was so lucky cus there would have been no chance for me to get this at the bigger stores, and this dress was tucked away on a rack with a few other Jason Wu returns. I love the simplicity of this dress. The cute black color and pleating.
This last beauty I scored online. Target restocked some of their items after they initially sold out, so after refreshing a few times I was able to get this cute Poplin dress in navy. This dress is very quirky and flirty. I have to say the fit is pretty spot on. I am usually a size 4 or 6 and  this dress is a 4 and i find that it fits really well.

Some pointers on future collaboration shopping!
1) Go really really early to line up (usually stores open at 8am, I know people will start lining up at 6am or earlier)
2) Try to avoid big city or big mall stores (if you go to more rural stores, theres usually a smaller concentration of fashionistas that will line up for the collaboration)
3) Shop ONLINE! Target usually offers some of the collection online
4) Wait for returns and purchase at the store later (when people are grabbing things in a frenzy at the shops they dont always try them on till they get home and if it doesnt fit they return it. OR if people buy these items online theres no way of knowing how they will fit and there will most likely be returns at a discounted rate)

p.s. brownie points for anyone who can spot my cutie doggie, BEBE!


  1. Congrats on your finds! My closest Target was going through a remodel at the time of the launch and therefore didn't get the collection in, and I've only seen four returns there so far. I ended up getting a two things online though, one dress at a different Target and someone on the Facebook group just got me the cat tote, so I'm happy!

    And I see Bebe! Hi, Bebe! :)

    1. thanks so much for the comment! yes i randomly stumbled upon the dress. They had a few of the blush color dress in S, M, L and a few T-shirts. If theres someone you want let me know and i can try to help you look as well!

      brownie points for finding bebe!

  2. Love the navy blue dress. You look great in it.

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  3. Wow those pieces are amazing and look great on you!

  4. See the dog in the poplin dress picture. It all looks great on you. Check out my blog and you can read my Jason Wu posts :)

  5. I just have to say I love your blog so far :) You have a great sense of style too !

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  6. I got the red and blue striped shirt and the blush polka dot blouse.
    I haven't washed them yet but plan to before use.

    Have you washed your items yet? Any tips?
    Someone mentioned putting it in vinegar to keep the colors in so they don't fade before washing/hand washing.

    xo Annie

  7. love j woo!!! I'm so glad that I accidentally stumbled on your blog. Your taste is impeccable, and I love your style! I'm going to follow you now, thank you! Please follow me too!