Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SO I have been seeing this new trend EVERYWHERE. Satchels are the new IT bag! I absolutely love it because cross body bags like these can be worn so many different ways! I saw one at H&M in white and it was seriously cute but I just didn't like the material very much. So I kept searching and searching until I came across this lovely beauty (below) from Kate Spade's online sample sale. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sample sales and I got this satchel (which was originally $395) for only $130!!! What a steal! They had it in this patent leather white and black. I opted for the white, good color for spring and summer!  what do you think?

Bebe wanted to model it for you all so you know how big this bag is. Its a perfect size for me. Fits everything nicely and I don't need to dig around my purse to find my keys anymore. I also love love love the light gold polkadots on the inside of this bag. soo cute!

If you want to get a cute satchel and can't get this deal from Kate Spade anymore, I recommend looking at the Cambridge Satchel Company! They specialize in satchels of all colors and sizes. You can even customize your own! Its super adorable and my east coast co-blogger just got one! If you have any questions about it you can leave a comment here and she will help you answer them! 

what do you think? which one would you want? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. the yellow one is cute! H&M just came out with its own! super excited!

  2. That Kate Spade bag is cute, and it is such a pretty color.

  3. Oh I love Cambridge Satchels!! I just wish I could rationalize the price tag. Great find with the Kate Spade one!

    1. HI Tongue in Cheeky! thanks soo much for the comment! Yes i def cant justify paying too much for a satchel but honestly, i think the cambridge ones come out to about 150? Which isn't bad. I saw some adorable ones from H&M if you want that style and dont mind the material as much. I switched over to another site. Still the same blog just a diff hosting site. Please follow us there!


      thanks so much!